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Understanding Credit Reports and Scores is an essential course designed to empower individuals with comprehensive knowledge of credit reports and credit scores. In today’s financial landscape, creditworthiness plays a critical role in accessing loans, mortgages, credit cards, and various financial opportunities. This course will help with understanding of credit reporting, while equipping participants with the tools to navigate their credit journey effectively.


  1. Explore the significance of credit in personal finance, credit bureaus, and credit reporting agencies.
  2. Understand the components of a credit report, how they are compiled, and how to access your credit report.
  3. Learn about FICO scores and other credit scoring models, their significance, and how they impact borrowing potential.
  4. Discover strategies for establishing and building a positive credit history from scratch or after financial setbacks.
  5. Gain insights into responsible credit utilization, credit card management, and the effects of late payments or defaults.
  6. Learn practical steps to boost credit scores, including dispute resolution, debt management, and credit utilization tactics.
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