Our Vision

Build a culture of courage through passion, hard work, love and smile while doing it!

Our Guarantee

Giving to Smiled Upon is the best way for you to make a difference in our country and your community. Every gift made to Smiled Upon is considered an investment in people, one whose impact will be multiplied when combined with others.

Guiding Principles and Values

The following are guiding principles and values that describe who we are, what we believe and how we behave. It is a combination of whom we are today and who we are striving to become a community leader.


Our style of leadership is to energize and motivate. Others in the charitable community will be inspired by our spirit and actions. Our aim is to revitalize and empower them.


We will strive to be a catalyst for change in the business of caring. We do not rest on our laurels. We look for approaches that have not yet been taken. We explore alternatives and seek new ways to breed community friendship and togetherness.


Smiled Upon sets high standards for its conduct. We must always be above reproach. The contributions that donors and volunteers make through Smiled Upon are investments in their communities. They trust us to be effective, efficient and good stewards of these investments.


Smiled Upon is dynamic and passionate. We relentlessly pursue forging a stronger country and empowering communities. Smiled Upon – a positive force for change.


Smiled Upon holds itself accountable not just for action, but also for execution and results of said actions. We are unrelenting in our pledge to make a real difference in the community we serve.



Empower communities by providing services and resources where the needs are greatest. While tackling the problems that seem insurmountable...